Book Review: 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith

Rating: 3/5

It took me nearly a month to finish this book, mainly because I wanted to savour each line. There are some rich nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout the narrative, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll share them via Instagram stories sometime.

I had almost given up in the beginning because it was so slow. The pace does not pick up ever, even though there are parallel storylines, none of which have a satisfactory ending and you’re left wondering what could have happened.

McCall Smith’s writing has dry humour and minute, cynical observations of people and their ways. There are several insights into human psychology, which are anything but dull.

A good companion for teatime, this book will appeal to you if you’re looking for something slow-paced and witty that you can read in parts without losing the general thread.

What do you think?

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