Book Review: And So Can You by Dr. Roopleen

Rating: 5/5

If there’s one book you read this year, let it be this one. The cover says that it is “a book every doctor and medical student must read,” but I feel it might as well say, “a book everyone must read.” The insights shared are useful for all students as well as young, working professionals. When you feel like the universe is out to get you, pick up this book and read a chapter or two. You will realize that you’re not the only one facing challenges in life, and that it is possible to overcome all manner of difficulties and emerge victorious. This is a book you can read over and over again and should definitely be a part of your personal collection.

Written in simple English without any pretense or fluff, every word is hard-hitting and contributes to the book in a meaningful way. Being a doctor herself, Roopleen has successfully explored the life stories of the doctors in an engaging manner and has asked all the right questions to unearth their secrets.

An endearing feature of the book is how each chapter leads to two sections laid out in bullet points—“Advice to Young and Aspiring Doctors” and “Takeaway—Words of Wisdom.” It is here that you will find nuggets of wisdom that you can internalize in your daily life—whether you’re associated with the medical fraternity or not.

What I found especially inspiring were the stories of three lady doctors, Dr. Lingam Vijaya, Dr. Anita Panda, and Dr. Vidushi Sharma. Each battled various limitations to enter the medical stream, including gender bias at every step of the way. As Dr. Sharma says, it is doubly difficult for women professionals to make a mark for themselves as they have to balance work, home, and family.

Dr. Panda’s story about how she was discriminated against during counseling for a PG seat at an institute in Cuttack was quite heart-breaking. It is also upsetting to read how Dr. Vijaya was discouraged from studying MS Ophthalmology because the Director of the institute felt she would be “wasting” a seat as there were very few lady ophthalmologists at the time. However, it is good to see that the spouses and the families of these doctors extended their support to enable them to fight against the injustices of the world.

If asked to choose one story that is especially inspiring, it is that of Dr. Ashok Khurana. This humble doctor faced opposition from his businessperson father every step of the way yet managed to become a renowned doctor. What is heartwarming is that he attempted to balance both family and his ambition by helping his father in the family business and preparing for medical exams side-by-side.

Each doctor also mentions how the medical profession is stressful and shares his or her tips on dealing with it. All the doctors are also unanimous on one point—there is no substitute for hard work.

Such is the burning ambition of successful people that they move heaven and earth to achieve their heart’s desire. We only see the final result—the pinnacle of their success—and assume that they had it easy in life. But this book will reveal—story by story—how success is achieved by a combination of hard work, perseverance, an ever-positive attitude, resourcefulness, and single-minded devotion towards one’s goal.

(I was offered a copy of the book by Literoma Publishing Services in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)


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