Author Interview: A chat with talented poetess, Mandrita Bose

Front cover of “December Waves”

A collection of 60 delightful poems, “December Waves” marks the entry of Mandrita Bose to the world of English poetry. On behalf of Literoma Publishing Services, I thought about connecting with her for a chat to explore the inspiration behind this prolific poet’s work.

You’re a copywriter so you’re already engaged with the field of writing. But writing copy and creating poetry are worlds apart. How did poetry writing happen?

Poetry happened to me at a very young age. Gradually it started taking shape and when I was in high school, I was writing poetry for a few magazines and newspapers. Ten years later, finally I decided to publish it as a book. Writing was always a passion. That’s how poetry happened. And that’s how copywriting also happened. 🙂 

How is letter poetry different from regular poetry?

In my book I have dedicated a chapter to letter poetry where the poems are crafted in the form of a letter. I have added a twist to the letter poems as some of them, I have addressed to our ‘Voice’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Depression’ amongst others. 

We’d like to know more about “Pen Portraits,” please. How do you go about it?

Pen Portrait occurred to me when I wanted to celebrate people, their personalities, their talents through poetry. So that’s when I came up with the idea of writing a customised poem for a person on his picture.

Blurb for “December Waves”

 Who would you credit with influencing your style of poetry writing and why?

Because I used read a lot, poems, novels, short stories, I really haven’t noticed one particular poet/author who has influenced my style. I think everyone who writes develops their own style over time. But yes, I do have my favourite poets, poets who I really admire and respect for their works. Sylvia Plath, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson. 

“December Waves” is a vast collection of poems covering every aspect of human life and its attendant emotions. Are some of the poems based on your personal experiences?

A few poems are but they are mostly based on the ‘feel’ of the experience than the experience itself. 

How did you happen to bring together a huge collection of 60 poems? Have you been composing them for a long time now?

Yes, I have been writing for a long time. So when I finally decided to publish a book, I chose these 60 poems for my debut book. 

Would you recommend that we read the book in random order or would it make more sense to read it in a linear manner? Is there a particular thought behind the listing of the poems?

My book is divided into seven chapters, each focusing on a particular theme. So, you can read it chapter wise, or choose the poems randomly from the contents. It’s up to you. 

Mandrita Bose

Would you like to leave a message for your readers?

My debut book has now released and I look forward to you reading and sharing your thoughts about it.  December Waves features the seas, nostalgia, love. It is about accepting ourselves, being strong and resilient. It is also about the pain we go through in our lives. It is about life in many of its aspects. It is about a plethora of emotions.Hope you have a nice read! 


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