Author Interview: A virtual tête-à-tête with Devi Raghuvanshi


Having previously published 10 novels, Devi Raghuvanshi is no stranger to the world of fiction. Rukhsaar: The Woman of Substance is his 11th book and we are extremely eager to see what this book has in store for us. On behalf of Literoma Publishing Services, I was given a chance to interview Mr. Raghuvanshi to get to know more about his latest offering.

1. First off, congratulations on your 11th book! How would you describe your authoring journey so far? What has been your experience with the world of publishing?

Thanks a million, Satabdi, for your words of encouragement. The authoring journey so far has been good with minimum tension regarding sale of my books. I do not have the least greed for money because I am an author by passion and I’m certainly not in it for big financial gains. The publishing industry has only been a shop for business except Literoma which have been proactive about everything from the beginning.

2. “Rukhsaar: The Woman of Substance” is a book about “a supreme sacrifice of love and relationship.” Could you tell us a little more about Rukhsaar?

Rukhsaar, the woman of substance is an epitome of love and sacrifice. She loves her husband, daughter, son and all underprivileged children. She sacrifices everything in life. She supports her husband who is an IAS officer in his fight against corruption. She sends her only son to the Indian Army where he gets killed defending his country. Later, she pulls the wheelchair of her husband everywhere when he becomes handicapped due to ankylosing spondylitis. She also creates her own music academy to support the kids of the poor and the needy.

3. Judging from the titles of your previous books, it looks like you enjoy exploring the various facets of the emotion Love. Your books also appear to deal with strong woman protagonists. Is this true?

My books have light but realistic romance and also a message to women folk to be independent and strong in order to protect themselves from oppression. I want all women to be like that.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from, when fleshing out the characters of your protagonists?

I am a keen observer and my characters generally have me in some form or the other. I have a wife and two daughters from whom I learn and get inspired. I am emotionally weak, which provides some advantages as well as disadvantages while writing.

5. What advice would you like to give to aspiring writers?

Aspiring writers should first read then write, although I consider myself one of them as well.


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