Book Review: December Waves by Mandrita Bose

Rating: 5/5

This vast volume of poems has been an absolute delight to read. For ease of reading, the book is broken into seven chapters, each with an overarching theme. Each poem is given its space to breathe on the page, without crowding it with other poems, no matter how small it may be. This gives the book an airy, pleasant, and readable quality.

My favorite was chapter five, “Amore” and if I were to pick one poem that I liked best, it would be “Stay.” So much emotion, love, and delicacy in one piece! Dealing with one of the finer human emotions, love, the poems in chapter five are particularly beautiful.

Mandrita has dealt with nearly every emotion under the sun. I did not know it was possible to speak so sensitively of topics like depression and bullying. There are poems of every hue and color, shape and size. She weaves magic even with a 3-line poem.

“The Breeze” (in chapter one) is a light, fresh-toned poem that I loved. “One more time” (in chapter two) tugs at the heartstrings and it is one of the poems that I re-read simply for the pleasure of it.

I’d like to make special mention of the publishing team behind the book for creating such a beautiful cover page. You know you want to pick up the book and explore further when you see it.

(Literoma Publishing Services offered a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.)


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