Author Interview: A brief chat with Srijoy Mitra, author of Golden Wings

Srijoy Mitra

The intense eyes of Srijoy Mitra are what strike you first when you look at his picture. The unspoken words behind those eyes seem to speak reams to me! When I got an opportunity to interview this musical prodigy about his first book “Golden Wings,” I was delighted. Perhaps now I could unearth some of his secrets and what makes this inscrutable person tick!

Not one to spin unnecessary tales, Mitra answered my questions fully but briefly. It was enough to get a glimpse of the personality within, but it did nothing to quench the fire of curiosity that was burning in my heart about his book. I am eagerly looking forward to the publishing of his book, Golden Wings.

The blurb seems to indicate that much of the book is closely based on the circumstances of his life. When asked if the book was largely autobiographical, Mitra agreed that there were quite a few instances in the book that were based on real-life events. In his own words, “I grasp the thought sequences of the main character from within. I can relate to many of the experiences in different forms. ” So now we get to have a closer look into the life of this music lover who chooses to live in his MINI cooper until he achieves his goal.

When I learned about how he lives in his car, I found it fascinating and wanted to know more about what the experience was like. Mitra says that it helps him focus and it is good for the products that he builds. Perhaps different settings helps him get the creative juices flowing. He also writes from the Powell Library in Westwood, Los Angeles when he craves for a change of venue.

Book Cover

Having dabbled in classical piano, trumpet, jazz, and electronic rock guitar since a young age, it is no wonder that he chose to take a piano scholarship. I wondered if his love for music would show up on the pages of Golden Wings and I was right. Mitra says that “listening to music, performing and learning music are crucial aspects in this novel.” What a treat this is going to be!

Being Bengali, it would be no surprise if Mitra had a connection with Kolkata which served as the fountainhead of inspiration and ideas. His parents were from Kolkata, even if he was born and brought up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And it was heartening to learn that he has been spending 20-30 days in Kolkata since 1996 and it has been a spring source of ideas.

Here I had to regretfully end my conversation as I couldn’t think of anything more to ask him. But I hope to find many more aspects of Mitra’s life and work in Golden Wings.

Stay tuned for the release of Golden Wings, authored by Srijoy Mitra, and published by Literoma Publishing Services!

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