Testimonial: Musings of a Romantic by Shankar Kashyap

“Musings of a Romantic” is a diverse collection of poems on love, nature, and humanity. What is different about this book is that the poems are categorized based on the poetic form used, and Kashyap gives a detailed introduction to each poetic form–even showcasing well-known poems for each category. In addition, the book has an index to help people understand poetry terminology.

All this additional information has helped me get more mileage out of the book. Kashyap’s poems are thought-provoking and use simple language. He intends them to be understandable by everyone and has no pretensions.

I don’t read poetry collections often because I have trouble deciphering them, but this book does not force you to perform mental acrobatics. It is beautiful and no-nonsense without being too simplistic.

You can find it on Amazon and learn more about it on the Facebook page of Literoma Publishing Services.


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