Book Review: Urmila by Devi Raghuvanshi

Rating: 5/5

Devi Raghuvanshi’s books have dealt with various human emotions and tend to revolve around the trials and tribulations of its woman protagonists. “Urmila” appears to be a maiden foray into mythology, and true to his style, Mr. Raghuvanshi has dealt with the Ramayana from Urmila’s (Laxman’s wife) point of view.

Written in an extremely engaging manner, “Urmila” brings forth, in great detail, the inner thoughts of the women in our epics—who are limited to their roles as wives and mothers, despite possessing great intellect. The fact that women can also have a say in battle strategy and important matters is mostly brushed under the carpet in our patriarchal society.

Mr. Raghuvanshi appears to have done extensive research in writing this book, which is evident from the rich variety of anecdotes and facts that he shares—from Sita’s and Ram’s lifespan to the story of Sita’s origin. Because Ram-Sita and Laxman-Urmila are inseparable, a great part of the narrative deals with the dynamics of their relationship. Urmila’s fortitude in a marriage of convenience and in the face of Laxman’s unwavering devotion to Ram—to the exclusion of all else–is commendable.

The cover page and layout of the book reflect the simplicity and elegance of its author. Mr. Raghuvanshi’s unpretentiousness can be amply felt in his writing. Heartbreaking as the narrative is, I feel it is one of Mr. Raghuvanshi’s finest pieces of work.

(Disclaimer: I was offered a copy of the book by Literoma Publishing Services in exchange for an honest review.)

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