Book Review: Reasons to Smile by Yastika Jha

Rating: 4/5

For someone so young, Yastika has an amazing handle on friendship, companionship, human connection, and heartbreak. I was close to tears several times throughout the book, so eloquent is her writing. She gives “Reasons to Smile” a credible ending, which is both happy and sad at the same time. Scenes dealing with death and despair as well as hope and longing are touchingly crafted.

Yastika has given each protagonist equal attention, drawing up their personalities with great care. She uncovers the human face of so-called celebrities and reminds us that they have their flaws and idiosyncracies as well. Yastika rarely lets down the pace of the narrative, even through scenes of sorrow and disagreements. She also keeps alive the mystery of the secret that Kiran makes to Aditi just before her death—I didn’t guess it until the very end.

The bright yet minimalistic cover design complements the subject matter of the book and lends it authenticity and gravitas.

(Literoma Publishing Services offered a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.)

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