ARC Review: Never Go Full Pai by Jeffrey Eng


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Publisher: Ingram Spark

Publication date: December 10, 2019

Pages: 250

Genre: Coming of Age


All night parties. Quick love affairs. Wild and carefree adventures. Perfectly filtered Instagram posts. A break from reality for most, but not everyone has a perfect life to return to when stepping off the road.

In Never Go Full Pai, immerse yourself in the world of backpacking and hostels. Join two young travelers on the backpacker circuit as they explore art, love, and develop an unlikely friendship during their adventures through Europe and Southeast Asia.

Follow Charlie, a young man unsure of his future – a limiting disability he knows all too well and a talent he doesn’t believe in. And Ace, a backpacker legend haunted by his past – someone who only knows how to do one thing when people get too close…run…and keep running.

Escape into a story that has plenty of heart and much to say about following one’s dream and the power of connection and friendship.

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My review:

Why does Ace fritter his life away drinking heavily and backpacking across Southeast Asia?

Why did he ditch his Parisian girlfriend?

Why does he take a shine to Charlie with whom he has nothing in common?

Why is he playing with Maggie, with Mia, with scores of other unnamed women?

Eng answers all these questions bit by bit, although it was easy to guess what had happened in the end. Nevertheless, the denouement is no less heartbreaking. Ace isn’t a perfect person, although though he can charm both men and women with his backpacking stories. His relationship with Caroline is a beautiful, tender, and realistic story of the ups and downs of living together.

Photography and backpacking are the common themes that unite the important characters in the book. The narrative alternates between Ace’s past and present, and I found myself impatient to get to the bottom of Ace’s mysterious background. I could also relate to Ace’s disdain of Instagram and the hypocrisy surrounding the medium.

The descriptions of cities in Vietnam and Thailand, of food stalls and the people working in them, and of the chaos in the lives and minds of people are so real that they transport you right into the thick of things.

You can taste the steaming bowl of pho, feel the warmth of the Parisian sun, the bone-chilling cold of the rain at Chiang Mai, and the smell of the books at Mhi’s hole-in-the-wall bookstore. With good reason, Ace repeatedly bemoans his favorite places becoming “touristy,” and losing their charm.

“Where does Pai fit in all of this?”, you may ask. Pai is where Ace and Charlie take important decisions. Ace warns his friends to “never go full Pai,” but what happens is nothing short of amazing.

I could not turn the pages fast enough in this eloquently written book about travel, companionship, and love. Eng’s debut novel is smooth and well-paced, the characters are adequately fleshed out, and he keeps the mystery alive till the end.

(I received an Advanced Review Copy of the book from Reedsy Discovery. This review was first published here.)


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