Book Review| Little Bit & Big Byte, A Day at the Beach by Craig Feigh | Illustrated by Patrick Carlson

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Illustrator: Patrick Carlson

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Age range: 4 years and up

Grade Level: Preschool and up

Publisher: Palmetto Publishing Group

Publication date: November 11, 2018

Pages: 30

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Book Synopsis (from Goodreads)

Let me introduce you to Little Bit & Big Byte. These two “chips off the old block” are the main characters in a NEW educational, entertaining, and endearing series of Children’s Picture Books that take you on thrilling adventures using adorable computer-related characters. Travel through Cyberville with Little Bit, Big Byte, and other members of the Romie family as they experience life’s valuable lessons with their friends and foes. If your children love to use the computer, they will love Little Bit & Big Byte. 

My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Today’s children are born in a digital world. From birth, they are exposed to smartphones, computers, and many other Internet-enabled devices. Children as young as 2 can turn on their parent’s phones and navigate to their favorite apps! In this scenario, a book like Little Bit and Big Byte is quite apt.

The blurb of the book gives some interesting statistics about computer and Internet usage of young children in the United States:

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics:
• 67% of Nursery school children use computers.
• 80% of Kindergarten students use computers: 32% use the Internet.
• Overall, 91% of school age children use computers: 59% use the Internet.
• School spending for computers will exceed 5 Billion dollars annually!


It is a clever idea to introduce a hidden object game in each page of the book. A bone has been hidden in the picture, and the reader needs to find it. I feel this activity gives the child an added incentive to look closely at the pictures, and consequently think about them more deeply.

Each page is designed to look like a computer screen, so that the reader feels he/she is reading the story on desktop.

I felt the illustrations were slightly busy. If there were fewer objects in the frame, it would be easier for younger children (less than 6 years of age) to appreciate the pictures.

My child, who goes to nursery, loved the colorful illustrations, but would get frustrated looking for the bone–possibly because there were too many things happening in a single frame. He cannot read yet, but loves being read to.


Quite a lot of technology-related characters are introduced, such as Click, Browser, Joy, Byte, Kay Board, Vi, Russ, and so on. I loved the puns, although I’m not sure younger children will understand it unless explained.

It is a fun story about a day at the beach, building sandcastles, surfing, and playing frisbee–something all children can relate to. A pertinent warning about dangerous viruses trawling the World Wide Web is given in a manner that children will understand and enjoy.

Some pages have too much text, whereas others have a few lines. I felt some more balance would have been nice, visually. The vocabulary is simple and appropriate for young children. Some difficult words like “nefarious” are explained within the story.

Final Thoughts

This is an informative book suitable for slightly older children (around 6 years and above), who have begun to use the Internet. It will help familiarize them with computer-related terms like chip, byte, browser, click, and so on while entertaining them with a fun, relevant story. Parents of younger children can read the book to them, complete with sound effects.

I have also reviewed the sequel to this book–Little Bit & Big Byte: Go Green.

About the Author

Craig Feigh is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker.
His books transcend several different genres from Children’s Picture books, to Humor, to Christian Education and Living.
He is most noted for his popular LITTLE BIT & BIG BYTE Series of Children’s Picture Books.

Check out his website:

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