Book Review|Little Bit & Big Byte, Go Green by Craig Feigh | Illustrated by Patrick Carlson

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Illustrator: Patrick Carlson

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication date: March 15, 2019

Pages: 34

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Book Synopsis (From Goodreads)

Little Bit & Big Byte are back for another fun adventure in the sequel to the popular Day at the Beach.It’s “Save the Environment” Week at school and the adorable “Chips off the old block” are excited to do their part to help conserve energy and recycle. Little Bit shares how we can all save water by brushing efficiently. Joy (the sister) sleeps more soundly with a night light. Big Byte has a tendency to use ALL of his electronics at the same time and realizes how effective “unplugging” can be. Even the Dad (CD) can do his part to ease traffic congestion by taking public transportation to work. While taking their recycling to the curb, their long-time enemies (Vi and Russ) kick over the recycling bins and spew garbage all over the street. In addition their pesky pointer (Click) jumps into the Recycle Truck and gets whisked away to the Recycling Center. Little Bit & Big Byte rush to save the day for their beloved canine. They also learn the complexities and necessity of recycling our paper, plastic, and aluminum cans. Enjoy the colorful illustrations and be amused by finding the “hidden object” in each picture. Smile at the “story within a story” as the lovable caterpillar steals each scene with his youthful antics. Learn a valuable life lesson as author Craig Feigh perfectly illustrates the need for all of us to “Go Green.”

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In terms of the overall look, this book is a huge improvement over Book 1 (my review). All the characters from the first book are introduced as a family photo, making them instantly endearing. The hidden object game continues from Book 1, only this time the object is the recycle logo.

Book 2 educates children on how to use resources wisely, recycle as much as possible, and protect the environment by making changes in one’s everyday life.


The pictures are bigger and cleaner–and so much more pleasing to the eye. The colors are bright and warm, and quite attractive. This is a big improvement over the illustrations in Book 1 (A Day at the Beach).

The text is well-placed on each page and does not distract from the illustrations.


The story flows smoothly and the language is clear, simple, and humorous at times. Each page deals with one topic/thought, encouraging the child to stop and think. The story is structured well; wasteful habits are described first and then ways to save resources are mentioned.

A mini-adventure involving Click, the dog, and the antagonists, Vi and Russ, also takes place and this keeps the story exciting.

The story ends with a list of ways to “Go Green,” plus there’s a picture for children to color in (for paperback versions). Good idea!

Final Thoughts

Go Green is visually more appealing than Book 1. There’s less of a plot, but the educative value is higher. Younger children (in preschool) may also be able to relate to the book because it deals with everyday habits that we follow that cause wastage of resources.

About the Author

Craig T. Feigh is an Author of several different genres of books.He is most noted for his Little Bit & Big Byte Series of Children’s Books. Little Bit & Big Byte are the first “technology-related” characters in Children’s Picture Books and are popular for any child who loves to use the computer, phone, or iPad. Craig also writes Humor and Christian Living books.

Check out his website:

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