Book Review: Little Mouse’s Sweet Treat by Shana Hollowell | Illustrated by Jennifer Finch

Cover art of Little Mouse's Sweet Treat

Thank you to Sandra’s Book Club for offering a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review!

Book Details

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Age range: 3-5 years

Publisher: Self-published

Publication date: August 19, 2016

Pages: 28

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Book Synopsis

(From Goodreads)

This is a cheerful, lyrical story about a little mouse that goes on an adventure in search of something sweet. He meets lots of friends along the way that share treats with him, but none are quite right. He is disappointed until he arrives home and realizes his Mommy baked the sweetest treat just for him – cookies!


Little Mouse is hungry and goes out looking for a sweet treat. He meets many animal friends on the way that share their preferred treats with him, but none taste sweet enough for Little Mouse.  Disappointed, his journey takes him back home. Will he ever find something sweet? A children’s picture book for ages 3-5, grade preschool to kindergarten.

  • 2018 Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner
  • 2017 Shortlist for Chanticleer Little Peeps Awards for Early Readers 

Little Mouse’s Sweet Treat is an instant classic and heart warming story that your child will love. 

A sweet story about kindness and friendship.

Lyrically written and beautifully illustrated in watercolor. 

A hidden snail on every page.

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is so cute!

I have read Hollowell’s other book, When the Squirrel Sings, and comparisons are inevitable.

The rhyming verse is delightful, although I feel the font could be better. Reading this book to a child is a pleasure.

The illustrations, while different from When the Squirrel Sings, are just as attractive from a child’s point of view. My child, who goes to nursery, loved the big and colorful pictures of the animals and birds. I like the watercolor style of the illustrations. Each page features a creature and describes its conversation with mouse, who is looking for a sweet treat.

Little Mouse’s Sweet Treat is educative and entertaining, teaching young children what food each animal/bird eats and where it lives. It is also lovely to see the smile on your child’s face when he/she finds that mouse does indeed get his treat. I’m not saying what it is or who gives it to him–I’ll let you and your child enjoy it.

There’s a snail hidden in each page and it is good fun hunting for it.

Very young children (2-4 years) will immensely enjoy this picture book.

About the Author

Shana Hollowell

Shana Hollowell lives in Virginia with her husband, two young sons, dog, cats, koi fish, and hundreds of bonsai trees. She works as a manager for the Virginia Department of Health.

Her picture books are for ages 3-5, preschool to kindergarten, and include Little Mouse’s Sweet Treat and When the Squirrel Sings.

Connect with her on Facebook and Amazon at:

About the Illustrator

Jennifer Finch, Illustrator

Jennifer L. Finch is a self-taught, mural artist that grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. With no formal training, she spent most of her life painting and drawing her true passion… horses! She owns a wall mural business called Jaden’s Dreaming Tree. She lives with her two young daughters, Jeylah and Aryah, and husband, Matt, on their 5 acres in Windsor, Virginia.

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