Book Review | Luna’s Birthday by Kenya Rhodes | Illustrated by S.C. Watson

Source: Booktasters and the author, Kenya Rhodes

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An adorable and heartwarming story about a 7-year-old’s magical birthday celebrations in space. Loved the illustrations–they transported me back to my childhood. My 4-year-old enjoyed the story and asked so many questions about the pictures, especially the cotton candy pink cloud. He also learned about some space objects like comets and planets.

Of course, the book is meant for older children who can read it themselves. Since the text usually has a dedicated page, perhaps the font could have been larger to make it easier to read.

The language is simple with age-appropriate vocabulary and the storytelling is engrossing. Thumbs up from me!

(I received a review copy from Booktasters and the author in exchange for an honest review.)

Book Details

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Age range: 6-10 years

Publication date: December 8, 2019

Pages: 34

Publisher: Indy Pub


Amazon. in

Have you ever soared high into the night sky on your very own cloud? Touched the moon? Danced with the stars? Luna’s special day couldn’t have begun any better than this!

On the eve of her 7th birthday, Luna is whisked away to a magical birthday celebration in her honor, hosted by the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets. Accompanied by her brave and trusty cat, Luna becomes a sparkling heavenly body, making lasting memories with the brightest lights in the universe. She can hardly wait to tell her mother and father all about her party in the night sky!

About the Author

Kenya Rhodes, author

Kenya Rhodes is a singer, songwriter, and author from Prince George’s County, Maryland. She created Luna as a tribute to her younger self. She lives with her cat, Jedi, who, despite his courageous name, was barely the inspiration for some very particular points of bravery in this story.

Illustrations by S.C.Watson


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