Book Review | The Talking Dead by Chandrima Das

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Do you think people stop talking once they are dead? Then let this book change your mind.
Here are four terrifying stories drawn from real-life events. Four supernatural tales about college days in India. Four surreal narratives that will twist their way into your nightmares.
Two girls investigate screams coming from a ‘suicide room’ in an old hostel…
A college bully pulls off a bizarre prank involving human parts…
A sensitive introvert feels haunted on a long walk after midnight…
A young Indian consultant gets a spooky welcome to New York City…
Hold on to your seats and get ready for a ride to the strange, dark edges of reality. Let’s hope that you make it back. After all, a book is one of the oldest ways for the dead to talk to the living.

My Thoughts

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m a bit disappointed because I’d expected to be creeped out by these stories.

The common theme is how the dead make themselves heard/felt by the living. The author doesn’t just narrate the story, she also includes some interesting commentary. This made it refreshing to read them.

Except for the last one, “A Room for Two”, which revolves around a mysterious room in New York city, I would not consider the stories terrifying at all. Just interesting–the way true crime stories are.

“Playtime” ends beautifully, giving us an empathetic look into the world of spirits. I think it is the best of the lot.

The longish length of the stories, closer to novella-length, made me impatient instead of building up the suspense/horror factor. I felt that a more terrifying effect could have been achieved with fewer words. Some details could have been edited out.

Chandrima’s language is polished and her sentences flow beautifully. There’s a literary quality to it–it isn’t written in popular fiction style.

Nevertheless, the stories didn’t have the punch that I’d expected. They were too tame for me.

Book Details

Format: Kindle (Available on Kindle Unlimited)

Published: May 28, 2020

Length: 77 pages

Goodreads –

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2 responses to “Book Review | The Talking Dead by Chandrima Das”

  1. I liked the way the analysis has been done for the book!

  2. Sounds intriguing, I’m sorry you were disappointed. I hate it when that happens when I am interested in a book, Sherry

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