[Book Review] Psychology of Money by Dr. Rakhi Sameer

[Book Review] Psychology of Money by Dr. Rakhi Sameer

Book Details

Publisher – Evincepub Publishing

Publication date – Apr 2, 2021

Length – 92 pages

Goodreads – https://bit.ly/31ZLWgy

Buy here – https://amzn.to/3t60Opi

My Review of Psychology of Money

Our attitudes to money are usually determined during childhood–shaped by our experiences, shaped by the attitudes of our parents towards money, and even shaped by the attitude of people around us towards money.

We may have a harmonious relationship with money or we may find it extremely stressful to deal with money. We may even be reluctant to delve into our personal finance.

Such attitudes could be harming our lifestyle and the potential to earn and maintain wealth.

Dr. Rakhi Sameer talks about the most commonly seen attitudes towards money and how we can change them for the better. The core message of this book is that one does not have to be afraid of money. When we treat money as a friend, it repays us many times over.

In simple and easily understandable language, she guides us through the influences that lead us to form a relationship with money. She teaches us to examine how we view money. And finally, she helps us nudge our entrenched views and move towards a more harmonious relationship with money.

There are plenty of books about personal finance that teach us the ins and outs of dealing with money, investing it properly and proceeding with caution on money matters. Although this book deals with money, it is slightly different. It helps you take an in-depth look at your relationship with money–how you save and why you save; how you spend and why you spend.

Dr. Rakhi devotes an entire chapter to the million-dollar question: Can money buy happiness? It is fascinating to see how she teases apart each and every aspect of our dealings with money.

She made me introspect and think about how I could improve the way I view money. I’m sure her words will speak to you, too.

(I received a copy of the book from Literoma with a request for an honest review.)

Book Blurb (from Goodreads)

Money is an integral part of our lives. It is important that we have a healthy relationship with money. We need to ascertain what drives our behavior concerning money. We all have a unique relationship with money, this is determined by a host of attitudes, opinions and also past experiences. These and several other factors predispose us to living a life in a way where money works in a positive way to achieve our goals.

On the surface, money is just a physical bill or a few coins….but the emotion humans attach to it make it most significant thing in our lives. Most of our emotional connection to money is grounded in our memories from childhood, and we are mostly not conscious or aware that our money history is playing a role in it. We all should actually take a journey down our own money history, and examine how that shaped our experiences related to money. We may discover and even identify variety of responses that we habitually have towards money, like hoarding ,anxiety, guilt, fear that are probably a part of your money history.

2 responses to “[Book Review] Psychology of Money by Dr. Rakhi Sameer”

  1. This isn’t a practical, actionable book but more to do with developing the right attitude towards money and wealth generation.

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