[Poetry Book Review] Trains in a Bathtub by Asheemita Bagchi

Buy here: https://literoma.myinstamojo.com/product/301290/trains-in-a-bath-tub-poetry/

My Review of Trains in a Bathtub

I found the title of this poetry collection unusual. Asheemita removes the suspense about why she made such a choice in the preface where she describes, in raw detail, how she began her journey in the world of poetry.

Asheemita’s poems took my breath away with their richness, beauty, sensitivity, and insightfulness. The subjects span from slice-of-life observations to love and heartbreak to travel to simply musings. The ease with which she has woven real-life references into her whimsical lines is enviable.

I’ve read so many poetry collections, but this one spoke to me differently. I could relate to the poems more closely. I could imagine some of them in my head–so vivid is the imagery. The free-verse format of the poems adds to their intensity of feeling.

My favorite poems are Women, Kohl, February (where the trains in the bathtub are mentioned), and Apartments.

“Who Will Remember Us?” was disturbing and really made me think of what happens when we’re no longer in people’s recent memories.

Overall, Trains in a Bathtub is a collection of 30 poems of varying lengths that you will enjoy re-reading and thinking through their deeper meanings.

(I received a copy of the book from Literoma with a request for an honest review.)

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