[Blogchatter EBook Review] The Essence of Motherhood by Radhika Jindal

Title: The Essence of Motherhood: From a Mother to Another

Author: Radhika Jindal

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My Review of The Essence of Motherhood

The Essence of Motherhood is a wonderfully positive, structured guide to help new mothers navigate their way through the early years of their child’s life. Radhika combines her personal experience with some solid, practical advice about pregnancy and motherhood.

I’m so impressed by the engaging, straightforward, and friendly tone of the writing. Radhika writes as if she’s speaking to us directly through the pages. She sets the tone of the book by starting with an account of her pregnancy that was so happy and positive it made me feel good.

My own experience of early motherhood has been full of anxiety and stress so it was good to hear of somebody else being so happy and content.

Radhika presents the biological facts about pregnancy such as postpartum depression, types of hormones that play a role in a new mother’s mood and physical condition, and so on in terms that anybody can easily understand. She offers gentle, practical, and easily doable tips to help women cope with the bewildering changes in early motherhood. The visualization exercise is especially good.

The chapter “I love you mom” is beautifully penned–each word conveys heartfelt emotions that left me feeling so good. Radhika’s reminiscences about her childhood and her changing relationship with her mother makes for lovely reading. I could easily relate to how her perspective towards mothers and motherhood changes along with her situation in life.

The Essence of Motherhood offers plenty of value – a checklist of things to pack in your hospital bag and a list of books about pregnancy and motherhood and related issues like PPD, nutrition, and weight loss.

Moms-to-be, I would encourage you to download this book and read it to help you develop a positive mindset towards motherhood and parenting.


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