[Book Review] Paradise at my Shore by Sarmistha Mukherjee

Paradise at my Shore Sarmistha Mukherjee

Title: Paradise at my Shore

Author: Sarmistha Mukherjee

Format: Kindle

My Review of Paradise at my Shore

Paradise at my Shore is a book for lazy afternoons or quiet evenings. It is a book for reflection and contemplation. It is a book that takes you on a wondrous journey through the author’s mind wherein she shares her innermost thoughts with you.

I found the prose pieces such a joy to read, especially Positivity of the Mind, Silence, Lockdown and Soul Curry, and The Five Second Window. They gave me a window into an author’s mind and the way she thinks–and I feel it’s simply beautiful.

The poems deal with a wide variety of topics ranging from love, spirituality, nature, emotions, memories, relationships, pets and so on. Browsing through the poems gave me a sense of calm and peace.

The ones I especially liked are Mirror, Secret Anecdote, The Portrait, Innocence, Om, and The Virisdescent.

The author has included several photos and pencil sketches that aptly convey the emotions bubbling underneath the surface of the poems. I think it is a good touch to a text-heavy book and helps lighten the atmosphere.

Paradise at my Shore is not meant to be gulped down. It is meant to be savored at leisure. I’m sure you’ll find yourself uncovering a fresh layer of meaning each time you read the poems. I know I did.

Sarmistha’s writing demonstrates the depth and breadth of her experience, emotions, and empathy. The book feels like a collection of memories, fond and not-so-fond. There are some valuable gems in the prose pieces that make you think deeply about the topic.

It’s a book that any avid reader would be glad to have in his/her collection!

(I received an e-copy for review from Literoma with a request for an honest review.)

2 responses to “[Book Review] Paradise at my Shore by Sarmistha Mukherjee”

  1. Sounds lovely! And it’s such a beautiful review!

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