[Blogchatter EBook Review] It Must’ve Been Love by Mayura Amarkant

It Must've Been Love Mayura Amarkant

Title: It Must’ve Been Love

Author: Mayura Amarkant

Download here: https://www.theblogchatter.com/download/it-mustve-been-love

My Review of It Must’ve Been Love

I began reading the book wondering what a mixture of prose and poetry would be like. Suffice to say that It Must’ve Been Love has blown my mind!

I’ll admit to not being too fond of poetry but I am a sucker for romantic fiction–which is why I picked up the book. But Mayura’s poetry is quite simply out-of-this-world. You have to read it to believe it.

The lyrical quality of her poetry gave adequate expression to the intense emotions of love, longing, and heartbreak in Keshav and Meera’s story. Each emotion is teased apart in the most beautiful manner causing the reader to feel them all the more deeply.

The accompanying prose is equally effective in bringing all the conflict and longing to the surface. I was drawn into Keshav and Meera’s lives, wishing and hoping for better things to come.

I especially enjoyed the twist in the story towards the end because it wasn’t something I was expecting. It was shocking, yet I felt it was realistic.

What else can I say–Mayura has exceeded the expectations I had from the book. It was a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows that kept surprising me at every turn. I also felt like re-reading the poems simply for their beauty, depth, and expressive quality.

Readers of romance, don’t miss this book!!

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4 responses to “[Blogchatter EBook Review] It Must’ve Been Love by Mayura Amarkant”

  1. Oh yes, please do. I am sure you will love it.

  2. I’m curious now how the book ends! Great review, details and at the same time you didn’t reveal too much!

  3. I had tears in my eyes when I read this….thank you so much…it truly means a lot…

  4. Wow, sounds lovely! And, as usual, such a wonderful review. Going to download. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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