[Blogchatter EBook Review] Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma

Bloggers Unplugged Ruchi Verma

Title: Bloggers Unplugged

Author: Ruchi Verma

Download here: https://www.theblogchatter.com/download/bloggers-unplugged-by-ruchi-verma

My Review of Bloggers Unplugged

If you’re new to the world of blogging, Bloggers Unplugged should be one of the books you read. I learned quite a few things I wasn’t entirely aware of, such as linky parties, creating media kits, and information about domain names, backlinks, and page views.

I found chapter 5 especially useful, where Ruchi discusses the importance of an editorial calendar and how to create one. Chapter 7 talks about tracking the growth of your blog, which was informative too. I also found chapter 9 – Instagram vs blog an eye-opening one, wherein the stark difference between the two is described.

Each chapter is accompanied by a cool graphic and a useful secret tip.

Ruchi’s writing is conversational and straightforward. It feels like she’s speaking to you through the pages of the book. The subject of the book is such that it is necessarily heavy with information, but Ruchi’s presentation conveys it with ease.

It doesn’t read like a textbook or a guidebook at all and it’s filled with practical tips that can be immediately applied.

By the time you have finished reading the book, you will know enough to set up your blog and deal with not only the technical stuff but also the promotional side of blogging. Plus, Ruchi offers solid tips to help you keep blogging consistently.

A few chapters offer advice on monetizing your blog through brand collaborations and teaming up with other bloggers. Ruchi stresses the importance of building a community that lifts each other up instead of competing with each other. (That’s my favorite takeaway from the book.)

In conclusion, blogging may not be easy but if you’re serious about it and you’re consistently posting good-quality content, there’s no reason why your blog should not grow. Just start and read Ruchi’s book to know how to take the first steps!

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3 responses to “[Blogchatter EBook Review] Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma”

  1. Thank you for covering book reviews from different genres. I found this particular review useful, like the need of the hour. Downloaded the book.

  2. I had read all the A2Z posts and this is a very useful book. Your review is awesome too !

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