[Book Review] Gurgaon Diaries by Debeshi Gooptu

Gurgaon Diaries Debeshi Gooptu

Title: Gurgaon Diaries

Author: Debeshi Gooptu

Buy here: https://www.amazon.in/Gurgaon-Diaries-Life-Dronas-Village/dp/8129149958

My Review of Gurgaon Diaries

Gurgaon Diaries is a hilarious look at a Bengali’s experience of living and working in Gurgaon. “Lost in Translation” is the best of the lot and made me burst into laughter. Months after reading the book, I am still laughing!

Being Bengali myself, I can relate to many of the situations Debeshi wittily describes – grappling with Hindi, hunting for good-quality fish and meat, trying to figure out various accents, and rolling one’s eyes at the gaudy display of one’s wealth in the form of flashy outfits and cars.

Debeshi’s stories about her househelps are both tragic and funny. “Freedom Calling” still pains my heart and makes me think how privileged I am.

A recurring character in the stories is Debeshi’s neighbor, Mrs. Chopra – loud, brash, judgmental, overbearing, and forever trying to keep up with the Joneses. Debeshi describes her conversations with Mrs. Chopra with just the right amount of sarcasm and readers can see both the irony and humor in the situations.

She turns mundane visits to the grocery stores, malls, restaurants, gyms, and beauty salons into entertaining and amusing stories.

I read Gurgaon Diaries in March but I couldn’t write my review because my family and I fell sick with COVID-19. Also, I had too much to say. Today, I’ve attempted to explore the brilliance of this book without giving away the good bits.

I’m reading Gurgaon Diaries again because it is a comfort read. There’s no pressure to finish the book to get the satisfaction I crave. Instead, I can savor each story in my own time, laugh at the funny ones endlessly, or muse over the thought-proving and tragic ones.

There’s a sequel to this book that is available on the Juggernaut app. I’ve subscribed to the app to read it but I wish it could be printed in paperback form. Debeshi’s stories come alive on paper!

A special thanks to Debeshi for gifting me a copy of this book along with a handwritten note! I will cherish it forever. 🙂

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7 responses to “[Book Review] Gurgaon Diaries by Debeshi Gooptu”

  1. Yes, yes. Debeshi writes with wit and sarcasm. Guaranteed to make you giggle.

  2. Humour is the need of the day and this book seems just the recipe to kill my boredom

  3. This book looks interesting. I would love to read it.

  4. Your reviews are always nice. This one too makes me want to go out and buy the book! Keep going!

  5. Yet to read the book. Comprehensive review.

  6. Lovely review.. looks like an interesting read

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