[Book Review] Destiny’s Girl by Adite Banerjie

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Maya has only one thing on her mind: revenge. So, when she lands an invitation to the most exclusive high society party being hosted at Dev Residency, she grabs the opportunity. After all, the host of the party is none other than KD, the man who destroyed her family.

Krish needs to find a bride and soon! A marriage arranged by his father, KD, seems imminent and that would mean throwing away the key to his freedom. One innocent tango with the enigmatic beauty, Maya, and he is hooked. Can she be the means to his freedom? Accepting his proposal of marriage will take her a step closer to her goal of revenge. But can Maya stop herself from falling in love with the enemy’s son? But then, love and revenge don’t mix! 

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38435862-destiny-s-girl

My Review of Destiny’s Girl

What happens when a rich, hot business tycoon meets a spunky landscape designer–each with their own agenda?

Sparks fly, of course!

Destiny’s Girl is an enemies-to-lovers contemporary romance that has business deals and horticultural innovations in the backdrop. If this sounds strange to you, let me assure you that it’s a unique setting that will keep you riveted.

Maya hates Krish’s father, KD, with a vengeance because he drove her quiet father to death. How and why this happened is gradually revealed throughout the story.

Luck seems to be on Maya’s side as she finds a foothold in KD’s home through Krish. This happens when Krish demands that Maya get married to him immediately in exchange for a luxury-filled life. The reason for this strange request is also revealed later.

There’s a lot of focus on the calculating, untrusting, and manipulative nature of Krish but we also get to see his sensitive side. Apparently, he does have a heart and it beats for someone special.

KD’s history is murky. He is manipulative, controlling, and unscrupulous and will stop at nothing to achieve his ends, including forcing his own son’s hand. Towards the end of the story, he appears to have a change of heart after a severe blow to his ego. But it is not convincing enough for me. In my experience, such people do not change and prefer to live in their delusional world until the day they die.

It is Maya for whom I feel the most. Trapped by Krish’s machinations, she is left with no choice but to comply with his wishes. It’s sad to see the extraordinary power the super-rich have over the fate of people they choose to crush and manipulate.

Nevertheless, Krish and Maya appear to discover that each is wearing a mask to hide past trauma. They uncover what ails each other and set upon a journey to bury their demons once and for all. Throughout the journey, we are treated, by turns, to passionate displays of affection, tender conversations, anger, jealousy, frustration, and hate.

Destiny’s Girl is a whirlwind of emotions that makes you feel breathless by the time you’re done with the book. Of course, I was rooting for Krish and Maya to resolve their differences, be honest with each other, and bond.

Solid research seems to have been put in to make the world of corporate deals, mergers, negotiations, and power play seem realistic. I was impressed by the amount of knowledge the author shared about business matters.

A word of caution: the book has several intimate scenes so if you aren’t comfortable with them, this may not be for you.

Finally, why is the title Destiny’s Girl?

Krish believes it is destiny that has led Maya to him. Destiny has brought KD’s past sins to the fore. Destiny has played its hand subtly in the background, pulling strings and moving characters around till they reach where they’re meant to be.

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4 responses to “[Book Review] Destiny’s Girl by Adite Banerjie”

  1. The answer to why Maya seeks revenge is different from the usual reasons. The writing style is engaging and it’s a happily-ever-after romance.

  2. The first time involves two people giving in to their lustful feelings after holding back for a long time. Later, they develop feelings for each other and the lovemaking becomes tenderer.

  3. Loved the review, but the book does sound a bit cliched in terms of the story line. Is there anything strikingly different that caught your attention?

  4. Seems interesting, but before picking it up I’d like to know whether the intimate scenes deal with ongoing feelings or physical act only?

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