[Book Review] Dance Till The Stars Shine by Leena Varghese

Dance Till the Stars Shine front cover

Genre: Romance

Length: 235 pages

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49378859-dance-till-the-stars-shine?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=uAuzmV0gLu&rank=1

Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/Dance-Stars-Shine-Leena-Varghese-ebook/dp/B07SYHSH2V


NOTE: This is a revised edition of the book previously published as A SILVER DAWN under Harlequin/Mills&Boon (Harper Collins) in January 2016.

Clarissa Milagres Silvera is a talented choreographer who understands the true value of freedom after her world is plunged into darkness. With a violent marriage behind her, that leaves her intensely mistrustful of men, she redefines life and her talent on her own terms.

Leon Rodriguez has never forgotten the stunningly beautiful Clary who could dance like the wild wind once upon a time. However, his proposal of marriage is rejected by Clary who suspects that Leon’s real motive is to acquire the prestigious Silvera property.

Even as Leon patiently woos his stoic love, he must protect her from the sadistic Igor Chekanov, a real estate shark who is stalking her.

Clary refuses to be subdued by any man; valiantly resisting her burgeoning attraction to Leon’s potent charisma, as well as fighting Chekanov’s insidious trap.

Stuck between the two powerful men, her safety is dependent on the best available option. She must marry Leon to escape Chekanov’s ever-increasing threat to her life.

Just when Clary’s growing love for Leon lulls her into a sense of security, Chekanov draws her into a dangerous game of survival where she must outwit the enemy alone.

Will Clary’s handicap become her weakness? Or, will she be able to overcome her biggest fear and win a battle that could very well be her last?

My Review of Dance Till The Stars Shine

I have been charmed by Dance Till The Stars Shine, which celebrates love and resilience. At its core, it is a story about never giving up no matter how grave one’s difficulties are. It is also a story about belonging and family ties.

The cover may fool you into thinking that this is a story about a delicate dancer and how she meets her partner, but it is so much more than that.

The story is narrated alternately from Clarissa and Leon’s perspective as they seek to make sense of the world around them. Clarissa is traumatized by an abusive marriage, whereas Leon has his demons.

Throughout the book, Leon works patiently to break down the walls of mistrust and cynicism that Clarissa has built around her as a protective mechanism after her trauma. But his efforts are nearly undone by a goon (Chekanov) who lusts after her body and her ancestral property.

The setting is in Goa, and plenty of Konkani words (that I had to look up) have been incorporated into the story to give it a distinct local flavor.

The author has the power to mesmerize readers with her descriptions. It is the highlight of the book. So exquisitely does she describe her characters, settings, and events that the story comes alive in the reader’s mind.

I was nearly moved to tears at the deep, raw pain endured by both the main characters. The scenes in which Leon and Clarissa struggle with their fears and doubts coupled with longing are excellent. You can see how they gradually open up and seek to soothe each other’s pain.

Dance Till The Stars Shine could have been a sappy, emotional tale and done pretty well. But the author has taken it up a notch and added some fast-paced action and danger to the mix. Every time Chekanov attacked Clarissa, I held my breath wondering what would become of her.

Clarissa’s handicap has been seamlessly integrated into the story. The other characters accept it as part of their life instead of tip-toeing around it. The final scene between Chekanov and Clarissa will remain etched in my brain for a long time.

The book gives readers some choice lessons about facing your fears and staying true to yourself. The author’s use of language is excellent and she can convey deep thoughts with simple words.

If you want a heart-melting romance together nail-biting suspense and lots of action, then don’t hesitate to pick up Dance Till The Stars.

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30 responses to “[Book Review] Dance Till The Stars Shine by Leena Varghese”

  1. The story may be a bit filmy but the language and the way the author describes emotions and connections is amazing.

  2. Thank you for reading!

  3. Satabdi, your review of the romance book is highly appreciated. Thanks to you for sharing this.

  4. Seems interesting – your review has me intrigued though the blurb did not seem exciting!

  5. I liked your review Satabdi. Infact, even I heard about this book recently and kept it in my TBR. Now your review wants me to pick it up

  6. This book sounds so interesting. Your review really convinced me read this one.

  7. It’s been quiet long time, I haven’t read any Romance Novel, But I would get this book and read it. Shall share feedback with you soon.

  8. The blurb definitely sounds very interesting and your review is intriguing me to pick this up sooner

  9. A short and apt review! The book also seems so interesting. Will try to read it.

  10. It seems like a good book. You have reviewed this book nicely and loved that story is different from its cover page.

  11. Your amazing in depth review says that Dance Till The Stars Shine is a fast-paced and refreshing read. The plot sounds very intriguing and I am going to order this book soon.

  12. Dance till the stars shine sounds like something I would like to read. Its been decades since I laid my hands on an M & B. Your review is tempting me to get a copy and read. You have highlighted the story so well, Satabdi

  13. Oh, will check it out!

  14. whisperingwordz Avatar

    Looks like a great read!

  15. My kind of book…i love reading romances with a bit of adventure in it during my ‘light reading’ phases when i want a break from the classics or from all the gory murders that i love. definitely picking this one on Kindle

  16. Liked your review of the book- Dance till the Stars shine. Clarissa has a believable reason not to trust the men around her. The silent perusal action by Leon must be interesting! Shall check out the book:)

  17. There’s a show on Netflix that has a very similar storyline- Unorthodox. Loved that show, would love to read this as well.

  18. I enjoyed how you reviewed the book. Very balanced. This book looks interesting and I will probably pick this one.

  19. This looks like a lovely read. As much as I enjoy reading romances, I just cannot read the ones where the woman needs rescuing. I will definitely check this one out. Thanks for sharing a detailed review.

  20. Romantic thriller?? The genre of fictions I like the most. Your detailed review is tempting me to give it a try.

  21. Romance + suspense = Good Read. I love to read suspense stories. It also dictate the power of woman. Would like to read how she survive.

  22. Thank you for reading!

  23. Very thorough review…it would be an interesting read it seems…I am adding it to my reading list. Will order soon.

  24. I loved the focus on the courage of the main character. She’s had some hard knocks but she fights back. 🙂

  25. Apparently, this book was previously published as A SILVER DAWN under Harlequin/Mills&Boon (Harper Collins) in January 2016. Romance forms the base of the story but the accompanying action and suspense elevate it. It is also not as explicit as some of the other M&Bs I’ve read so more people may be comfortable with it.

  26. Your excellent review tells me that Dance Till The Stars Shine is a fast-paced and refreshing read, Satabdi. The plot sounds very intriguing and I am tempted to pick up this book soon.

  27. Seems like a good read . The concept of never giving up in any situation is something which makes a woman strong 🙂

  28. I wouldn’t call this story mushy. It is more of a romantic suspense – love laced with danger.

  29. I shy away from reading romance novels as they become too mushy for my taste. This one seems kind of interesting. I have added it to my tbr.

  30. Sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll get hold of a copy soon enough.

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