[Book Review] Dark Holds the World by Pradnya Kulkarni

Dark Holds the World Pradnya Kulkarni

Genre: Poetry, Horror

Publication date: December 23, 2021

Publisher: Literoma Inc.

Length: 46 pages

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/60129447-dark-holds-the-world

Amazon India: https://www.amazon.in/-/hi/Pradnya-Kulkarni/dp/B09PBKQBHT/ref=cm_cr_srp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8


This book of horror poetry is brought to you by Literoma. The book contains 20 horror poems. Title ‘Dark Holds The World’ itself indicates that there exists a life in the dark which is unearthly. The book will make you visualize this world. Also it will make the noisiness of the dark nights audible. Scary nights, creepy places & spooky things! Experience the horripilation through words.


It’s interesting to see that the author has chosen to write poetry in the horror genre. I haven’t come across very many horror poetry collections.

Not all the poems in the book are hair-raising. Some are laced with dark humour, such as This Street Seems Different Tonight and Something Is Not Right In The Basement. Others are outright horrific like Death Awaits Your Arrival and Through the Window of Terror. Time is Tick Tick Ticking Away felt like a cold hand squeezing the heart.

The illustrations add to the spooky atmosphere of the book and do a good job of eliciting the shivers.

I received an e-copy from Literoma with a request for an honest review. 


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