[Book Review] Poison at the Village Show by Catherine Coles

Poison at the Village Show


With the war finally over the residents of Westleham village are trying to reclaim a sense of normality and the upcoming village show is proving to be a popular event!

Newcomer, Martha Miller, has high hopes for the village show. Since her husband Stan left for work one day and never returned, some of the villagers have treated Martha with suspicion – why would a good man like Stan simply up and leave? Was it something Martha did?

All Martha knows is that she’s hoping that she can win people over and hopefully they’ll but her delicious homemade plum gin, too and she’ll be able to make ends meet.

But as glasses of Martha’s gin are passed around, disaster strikes. Alice Warren, Chairwoman of the village show slumps to the ground after taking a sip. It’s clear she’s been poisoned!

Martha is shocked, but not surprised, when fingers of suspicion once again point her way. Determined to prove her innocence, Martha sets about trying to find the real culprit. But who would kill Alice and why?

Ably helped by the new vicar, Luke Walker, Martha quickly tries to get to the bottom of this mystery. But with the villagers closing ranks it quickly becomes apparent that the only person with a motive is Martha herself….

Will Luke and Martha discover who is behind the poisoning before it’s too late?

My Review

Poison at the Village Show is just the sort of delightful, gentle cozy mystery set in a sleepy English village that you want to read during a lazy afternoon.

The inhabitants of Westleham village are too inquisitive for their own good. The British stiff upper lip rarely quivers. The village show is the highlight of the year. And a hot cup of sweet tea is the answer to all problems. A handsome, young, and single vicar arrives at the village, making many hearts flutter. When a murder is dropped into the mix, the sleepy village is shaken up and the gossiping ladies go on overdrive.

Told from the point of view of Martha Miller, a 33-year-old woman whose husband has been missing for a year, we see how the events help bring a change in her. From a mousy, quiet woman she develops some courage to stand up for herself. She develops a fuller relationship with her younger sister, Ruby, who lives with her and helps her pay her bills.

Along with the vicar, Martha sets out to solve the murder that has made her quiet village front-page news. After many rounds of tea drinking, exchanges of gossip, and a few hair-raising incidents, she arrives at the answer. I loved the subtle wit and humour that runs throughout the story. I loved the little confusion that the author threw in at the end. I suspect she will follow up on it in the next book.

An exciting cozy murder mystery for people who want the thrill without the blood and gore!

(I received an e-copy from Rachel’s Random Resources with a request for an honest review.)

Purchase Link – https://amzn.to/3freNRj 

Author Bio –

The daughter of a military father, Catherine was born in Germany and lived most of the first 14 years of her life abroad. She spent her school years devouring everything her school library had to offer! Catherine writes cosy mysteries that take place in the English countryside. Her extremely popular Tommy & Evelyn Christie mysteries are set in 1920s North Yorkshire. Catherine lives in northeast England with her two spoiled dogs who have no idea they are not human!

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    Thank you so much for your review, and for being part of the blog tour for Poison at the Village Show.

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