Book Review: Rukhsaar by Devi Raghuvanshi

Rating: 4/5

Right from the cover image, everything about this book captures one’s imagination. The author writes in a straightforward tone, telling a story of a woman, her dreams and her sacrifices and her mysterious last days.

The narrative never loses steam–you turn page after page wanting to know more. The book deals with various themes, politics, corruption, religion, love, marriage, and business. Mr. Raghuvanshi has done his homework well and his thorough research is apparent from the well-fleshed out characters.

Rukhsaar, the protagonist, stands out as the rock amidst the turbulent lives of those around her. It is admirable to see how she first fights for herself–her career and her choice of life partner–and then for her husband, parents, and children. Her determination to carry on the music academy that she and her husband lovingly nurtured despite his death is noteworthy.

I was also impressed by how Rukhsaar strives to maintain a balance in everything. She yearns to pursue music but is also mindful of her parents’ wishes. She patiently explains to her parents why she refuses to marry the boy of their choice. She chooses a respectful way of introducing her boyfriend to her parents and communicates her desire to marry him. She cares and nurtures for both her music academy and her two children in equal measure.

Each chapter of the book is an ode to how a woman can withstand almost anything that is thrown at her with grace and equanimity. It is an irony that, in the real world, people seek to silence her in every possible way because were if she to realize her true power, she would put everybody else out of business!

I went through the book in a single night and it felt like the story would translate into a good film!

(Literoma Publishing Services offered a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.)


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